Terms and conditions

Toolonlahtihelsinki.fi is a website and interaction platform maintained by the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division that is collecting thoughts and wishes from the city’s residents, clients and visitors on how the neighbourhood of Töölönlahti should be developed. The City of Helsinki and Töölönlahti’s operator network will utilise this information when developing the area.

Ideas are being collected with a survey consisting of questions that have been categorised according to various themes. The survey presents the respondents with pairs of ideas, and the respondents must choose the options they prefer or suggest completely new ones. After submitting their answers, the respondents may enter a prize draw by providing their contact information via the website.

The Communications and Marketing Service of the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division is in charge of managing the website.

The Culture and Leisure Division will not be responsible for any direct or indirect costs or damage caused by possible errors.

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With the help of cookies, the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division and its partners can monitor the number of visits to the service and analyse and develop the website to better serve its users. Data collected with cookies may be used to create targeted advertising by Töölönlahti’s operator network, based on a user’s interests. Users will not be identified when targeting advertisements created with cookies, and the data will not be combined with any other personal data potentially gained from somewhere else.

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